Abigail Tjaden

June 7–July 1 2012

Abigail Tjaden flyer front Abigail Tjaden flyer back

We have the ability to see things differently and to take on different perspectives. Our experiences and ways of living are a part of the lived life, where we are alive and present in the spaces that make up our becoming.

It has been the walking outside, traveling overseas, and carrying a sketchbook between my hands that has opened me up to experience the spaces all around me. Taking photos. Photos taken with an everyday digital camera. No fancy lens. No tripods or elaborate lighting. Photos taken to be turned into black and white images. I have used my camera like my sketchbook to record and document the lived life.

For this show I have created a "prinstallation" with silkscreened images. Each print was hand-cut and installed in the space. Original photographs were used and manipulated in Adobe programs, creating high-contrast black and white images, that then were printed onto various papers.

There is an interplay between structural forms found in the city and organic forms found in nature. I present images in contrast from how you would normally find them in our everyday lives.

My initials spell ART. I am an encourager. I once wrote a 10-page paper on ketchup.

Abigail Renola Tjaden is originally from Minnesota. She received her MFA degree in Studio Arts from the University of Idaho and currently resides in SE Portland where she loves riding her bike, being creative, and making new friends. Check out her latest work at www.artjaden.com.

To walk down a steep hill.

The rise and fall of the stone walkway with its horizontal brakes, making square patterns.

Eyes notice a nearby mountain captured in the clouds to the far distance.

But more revealing,

more telling,

in a moment

are three parked cars on the nearby street below.

Saturated red, blue and yellow.

Primary colors located in these manmade objects.

They stand out more.

They stand out more and cause stronger feelings




upon the ground.

The city.

I love the city.

We find ourselves in and out of the city.

Looking in
West wall 1
SW corner
West wall 2
NW wall
East wall 1
NE wall
East wall 2
NW ceiling
Box detail
Circles and shadows

Photos by John Carleton.