Andrew Constantine

Mythos: Gods, Demons, Fantastic Creatures

December 6 2012–February 3 2013

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Gigantic Gallery invites you to come see a show infused with divine inspiration. For Mythos: Gods, Demons, Fantastic Creatures, Andrew Constantine has created work that breathes bold new life into figures from the canon of Celtic folklore. In his own words:

Irish culture is fundamentally tied to a rich store of mythological folk-lore; oral stories full of gods, heroes and demons were told and retold countless times, each retelling grander than before. Although the oral tradition was eventually abandoned, the Celtic Renaissance of the late 19th century saw a rebirth of this grand tradition in written form. Characterized by H.P Lovecraft as a "current of weirdness, more whimsically fantastic than terrible", Celtic Renaissance authors attempted to capture the visions of ancient bards in print. Pulling from this immense trove of modern literature, this exhibit features approximately 15 new works based on the central characters of these highly influential stories.

Andrew Constantine has been creating artwork for the better part of three decades. Working primarily in acrylic, his paintings attempt to evoke an emotional response through the use of bold, contrasting colors and unexpected or exaggerated view-points. Andrew's work has been shown nationwide and most recently took 1st place in the acrylic portrait division of the Clackamas Art Guild's Annual Juried Show.

Please join us for the opening on December 6th from 5:30 to 9 PM. The show will run through February 3rd, 2013.

Killing Time I and II
Mother of Demons
Mother of Demons (detail)
Aine of Knockaine
Dark Lady
Dark Lady (detail)
The Ellen Trechend is Loose
The Ellen Trechend is Loose (detail)
The Bright Temptation
The Alder Fairie
Legend for a Painting
Mother Bear
Something Wicked This Way Comes, Walking with the Green Man, and The Hag of Baere
The Hag of Baere (detail)
Son of the Sea
portrait of Andrew Constantine

Photos by John Carleton.