Home on the Page

July 5–29 2012

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This July we will be featuring work by eight Portland-area illustrators in a show called Home On The Page. The collection is themed loosely around life in the illustrious Pacific Northwest, and Portland in particular, from which the artists drew their inspiration.

Please join us for the opening on July 5. The show will run through July 29.

Hood by Michele Maule
April Showers Bring May Showers by Michele Maule
Rockaway Beach by Michele Maule
Gatherers by Meg Hunt
Gatherers (detail) by Meg Hunt
Messrs by Meg Hunt
One Size Will Make You Grow Taller by Meg Hunt
Cat Nip by Jacqueline Bos
Strange Universe by Jacqueline Bos
Kids Discover Magic Mountain by Jacqueline Bos
Hermit Crab vs Snail (detail) by Jacqueline Bos
Molly by Brooke Weeber
Twisted Sister by Brooke Weeber
Overboard (detail) by Brooke Weeber
Work by Brenda Rose
Matador by Brenda Rose
Caravan by Brenda Rose
Nude by Brenda Rose
Poppies by Maryanna Hoggatt
Priestess by Maryanna Hoggatt
Bowler (detail) by Maryanna Hoggatt
Stallions (detail) by Wolf and Canoe
Pipes (detail) by Wolf and Canoe
Deer and Fawn by Susannah Kelly
Hanging by Susannah Kelly
Hanging (detail) by Susannah Kelly
Work by Shannon Larson
Elephant by Shannon Larson
Manatee by Shannon Larson

Photos by John Carleton.