Jugtown Vinyl

September 6–30 2012

Jugtown Vinyl flyer front Jugtown Vinyl flyer back

Come see some new work sure to stick in your mind on Thursday, September 6th, at Gigantic Gallery. We will be hosting Jugtown Vinyl, a couple of sharp guys dedicated to beating blank walls with debonair design. In their own words:

Jugtown Vinyl art is a collaboration between Jade Faist and Jonathon Hill-Jacquard. Spawned from speed metal music, whiskey drinking, hatchet-throwing, whiskey drinking while hatchet-throwing and shenanigans in general.

We can't promise hatchet-throwing or whiskey but please join us for the opening on September 6th. We'll be there from about 5:30 to 9PM. The show will run through September 30th.

Admission: Two Lucky Strikes
Admission: One Bally Ducket
Larger Than Life
Let The Sky Fall For No Reason At All
Glimpses Of The Future
Love What You Do
Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Work Hard, Die Satisfied
Hate Sleep, Make Things
Shoot The Stars
Print bin
Jade Faist
Jonathon Hill-Jacquard
John Carleton

Photos by John Carleton.