Love of Monsters

by Jason Edward Davis

October 4–28 2012

Love of Monsters flyer front Love of Monsters flyer back

After spending a year documenting the epic battle between mortal enemies, kittens and narwhals, I've learned at least one thing about the face of fear: it has whiskers. Love of Monsters combines my two favorite things: horror movies and cute animals. Whether I'm answering hard-hitting questions like Why does a sloth sleep so much?, And who really was behind the telekinetic massacre of Carrie's prom?, or just demonstrating the horrifying reality of vampire pugs, my in-depth examination of horror films reveals them for what they really are: brutal, honest, adorable.

Undead Turtles Kung-fu Fight For Love... I think.
The Roost
They're Here
A Gang of Evil Bears
Nancy's Nightmare
What Was That?
The Courtship of Groucho Marx and Jamie Lee Curtis
The Mummy's Curse : Self Portrait #23
The Mummy's Curse : Self Portrait #23 -- detail
Nightmare Sloth
Nightmare Sloth -- detail
Killer Vampire Pugs (K.V.P)
Killer Vampire Pugs (K.V.P) -- detail
Turn That Frown Upside Down
They Live
Brides of Dragula : Carla Rossi, Little Tommy Bang Bang, and Feyonce
Witch Cat and the House Girls
What Really Happened That Night
Playing With Dolls
Demons Love Kittens
A Crowd of Creeps
A Zombie, Her Unicorn, and a Merman : Cabin In The Woods
Prom Night
House of the Devil
Portrait of Jason Edward Davis

Photos by John Carleton.