Mother of God

February 2–26 2012

Mother of God flyer front Mother of God flyer back

This February Gigantic Gallery will be showing Mother of God—new work by five women on the subject of women in religious stories. Through painting, printmaking, illustration and collage, through figures reverent and allegorical and beastly, these artists reimagine the heroic narratives and canonized repercussions of women essential to the trajectory of our inherited mythos.

The show will feature new work by Claire Dannenbaum, Jasibe Cure-Twede, Jessica Johnson, Joanna Wecht, and Shannon Larson. Please join us for the opening at 5:30 on February 2.

Tkhine dish towel by Claire Dannenbaum
Four prints by Joanna Wecht
Mary+Magdelene by Joanna Wecht
Madonna in Repose by Joanna Wecht
The Lady of Purple by Joanna Wecht
Work by Claire Dannenbaum
Domestic Madonna (Laundry Day) by Claire Dannenbaum
Domestic Madonna (Space Heater) by Claire Dannenbaum
Halo by Claire Dannenbaum
Domestic Madonna (Barbie) by Claire Dannenbaum
Domestic Madonna (Solitaire) by Claire Dannenbaum
Work by Shannon Larson
Huldah by Shannon Larson
Deborah by Shannon Larson
Esther by Shannon Larson
Jael by Shannon Larson
Work by Jessica Johnson
Adam's Second Wife by Jessica Johnson
Eve by Jessica Johnson
Lilith by Jessica Johnson
Work by Jasibe Cure-Twede
Three Marys by Jasibe Cure-Twede
Mother by Jasibe Cure-Twede
Work by Jasibe Cure-Twede
Martyr Pose 2 by Jasibe Cure-Twede
Mother And Child by Jasibe Cure-Twede

Photos by John Carleton.