We are the Champions

December 1 2011–January 29 2012

We Are The Champions
The 99% by Viktor Hertz The 1% by Viktor Hertz
The 99% vs the 1% by Viktor Hertz.
Good Girls by Roxanne Patruznick Bad Girls by Roxanne Patruznick
Good girls vs bad girls by Roxanne Patruznick.
The Noble Hobo by Brooks Cashbaugh The Railroad Cop by Brooks Cashbaugh
'Boes vs Bulls by Brooks Cashbaugh.
The Patron Saint of Yeast by Ian 'South Bend' Seniff The Scarlet Stout by Ian 'South Bend' Seniff
Light beer vs dark beer by Ian "South Bend" Seniff.
The Last Unicorn by Jason Edward Davis The Red Bull by Jason Edward Davis
The Last Unicorn vs the Red Bull by Jason Edward Davis.
Captain Ahab by Susannah Kelly The White Whale by Susannah Kelly
Captain Ahab vs the White Whale by Susannah Kelly.
The Saint by Johnny Acurso The Sinner by Jonhhy Acurso
The Saint vs The Sinner by Johnny Acurso.
The Greasers by Erin Nations The Socs by Erin Nations
The Greasers vs The Socs by Erin Nations.
Herald (After Kirby) by Ian 'South Bend' Seniff Devourer (After Kirby) by Ian 'South Bend' Seniff
Silver Surfer vs Galactus by Ian "South Bend" Seniff.
Oregon by Tim Roth Washington by Tim Roth
Oregon vs Washington by Tim Roth.
The Fight of the Century by Jonathon Hill-Jacquard The Fight of the Century by Jonathon Hill-Jacquard
Schmeling vs Louis by Jonathon Hill-Jacquard.
The honey badger by Shannon Larson The cobra by Shannon Larson
The honey badger vs the cobra by Shannon Larson.
Mario by Bennett Slater Sonic by Bennett Slater
Mario vs Sonic by Bennett Slater.
The Shard by Katie Bacigalupi Trial by Stone by Katie Bacigalupi
The Dark Crystal by Katie Bacigalupi.
Young Guns by Richard Mavis
Young Guns by Richard Mavis.
Blocked by Myah Bailey
Blocked by Myah Bailey.
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Photos by John Carleton.