To All Our Future Flames

April 4–28 2013

To All Our Future Flames flyer front

Please join us on April 4th from 5:30 to 9 PM for the opening of To All Our Future Flames. We'll be showing new work on matchboxes and a few classics from our inventory. You're sure to find something to light you up. The show will run through April 28th.

Work by Richard Mavis
Work by Zachary Marvick
Work by Joseph D. McGehee
Work by Jeff Sheridan
Leaf Blower by Jeff Sheridan
Work by Thomas Gamble
A face by Thomas Gamble
Work by Jason Edward Davis
Star Wars, Star Trek, What's The Difference by Jason Edward Davis
A Well Thought-Out Response To Prop. 8 by Jason Edward Davis
Work by Matt Leavitt
A piece by Matt Leavitt
Work by Dominic De Venuta
Work by Dominic De Venuta
Work by Dominic De Venuta
To All Our Future Flames: work on matchboxes
Dominic De Venuta
A heart full of matches

Photos by John Carleton.