The OO-Ray and Sun Hammer

7–9 PM October 20 2012

The OO-Ray and Sun Hammer flyer

We're kicking off our Tiny Concert Series with performances by The OO-Ray and Sun Hammer. Please join us for this free show from 7–9 PM. Cold beer, electroacoustic loops, improvisatory drones, and big, bright bass provided. BYOB encouraged.

The OO-Ray (Opticecho, Audiobulb)

The OO-Ray is the alias of Ted Laderas, an improvisatory and experimental cellist from Portland, OR. A scientist of biologic systems by day, he extends his experimental attitude to exploring the outer possibilities of the cello, often distorting, looping, or pitchshifting his instrument beyond recognizability into waves of reverberation and extended drones. Inspired by the gauzy textures of My Bloody Valentine, he call his style "shoegazer cello" or "chamber drone". His music explores the realms of electroacoustic, shoegazer, and ambient.

Sun Hammer (Futuresequence, Heat Death)

Sun Hammer is an American sound artist who loves eating sweets but restricts his intake with a weekends-only limit, adores mainstream rap, utilizes bass for its healing properties, and identifies as an Enneagram Type Five.

Sun Hammer
Photo by Ashley Henderson
The OO-Ray
Photo by Ashley Henderson
Records and CDs
Photo by Ashley Henderson

The OO-Ray and Marcus Fischer's collaborative album Tessellations was released by Optic Echo on August 28th.

Sun Hammer and Sujo's collaborative album Fistula will be released on October 30th.